coretan haty :(

                   A LOVE AS STRONG AS A WILDFIRE :) 

Is something that should be simple, yet is the hardest thing to obtain, keep, and deal with. We seem to always find ways to not trust someone even though our hearts are telling us to just do it, trust them with everything and those are the ones that wont let you down, but then we do, we trust them and they let us down. We love them and they break our hearts, we befriend them and they find new friends. Its like this for humans. Why cant we be creatures of harmony? But only God can answer that question. We are tested in so many ways, to do right, to see wrong, to have faith in those around us, but the most important thing we must do is to trust. Trust ourselves and God first and the ones we love second. 

But I have learned that I just need to trust myself, to trust nick and to trust God, im going to practice what i preach for now on... Wish me luck!

  my heart : i really miss you nick .. 
u bleh ckp ap sja kt i but smua tue xkn ubh pasaan i .. hubungan ibarat air laut kadangkala ia tenang kadangkala ia bergelora .. i'll never let you go sayang : i'll waitim for you .

dis song for you sayang :

yeah , you're my dream ,
there's not a thing i wont do ,
i'll give my life for you ,
coz you are my dream ,

and baby , evrything that i have is yours ,
you will never go cold or hungry ,
i'll be there when you're insecure ,
Let you know that you're always lovely ,
girl , coz you're the only thing that i got rite now ,

one day when the sky is falling ,
i'll be standing right next to you ,
nothing will ever come between us ,
i'll be standing right next to you ,
right next to you ,

you had my child ,
you make my life complete , 
just to have your eyes on little me ,
that'd be mine forever . 

p/s : i always by ur side .
        i can make you smile , forever . 
        windu awak !
                                                                                                       love ain , XOXO

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