20112011 :)

lawa kan tarikh nie ? tapi bagi aq tarikh nie xlahh pnting sgt . kalau dh xad jodoh akn ptus jgak . kan ? 
actually aq dh xpduli kt trikh sbb aq dh ad dy -.-' sayang kamoo :)

#Something Happend to me.
  It was the sweetest thing that ever could be,
  It was a fantasy a dream come true,
  It was the day I met you!

nie tarikh kita ^.^
Love is special, love is sweet.
Love is what makes love complete.
Love is giving and love is kind.
Love is joy and peace of mind.
Love is held in tears.
Sharing, learning though the years.
Love is more than words express.
But mostly love is happiness.

                                                                                                                         love ain,XOXO

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