Can i be yours forever?

Assallamualaikum :) 
a little bit saddest and rasa macam nak menulis or more better we call story something or luah something. If readers tak suka maaf la ye. 

Can i be yours forever nikki? Can i? I know whats your answer. And guess what i doing now. Im waiting for my sis alone and im crying all over again because of us. I seriously miss us. Lain sangat sekarang ni kan? Keras more than before, sometimes it hurt me. Sometimes it feel like nothing. Can i be your sayang? Can i be your only princess? Can i be your only baby? 😔 

I dont want to wake up on 23thFebruary. Its hurt me a lot and seriously i dont want to talk about this. I want us back together , i want to be your baby 😔 i miss all of the moment and it keep come in my mind 😔 can we? 

Happy becoming birthday cinta. Happy becoming anniversary bie. Dah lama kan tak panggil mcm tu? Only ue that i call like that. Guess where i am now? Im near  batu caves and i miss ue cinta. Seriously i miss the moment we had together. I really really want us. 😔 please make it true even its hard. Sy syg aw sangat sangat. 😔 

                                      Love ain, XOXO

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