final exam

There's something about failure that scares my guts out.
The feeling of having regrets.
The feeling of hating yourself.
The feeling of knowing that you're not good enough

Frankly, I'm not ready to face all this. And yet, I don't see a clear view of scoring my final exams.

hmmm , i really miss my old school .. i love to learn together . discuss questions and answer along with them . actually , i feel regret changing school . but you know , it's all just too late 
There's like an invisible word on my face that spells F-A-I-L-U-R-E .

It's because the people there take a serious matter in studies. They care about their studies more than anything. But most importantly, all my friends are in that school while I'm stuck here alone in this another school. Every morning when we lined up for assembly, thats sad . 

I would love to repeat all the memories that we've spent together but seeing my place was taken over by some new people, that hurts. They said I should move on, let it go. 

but this is something i cant let go 

                                                                                                              love ain , xoxo

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