my gurl :D

let me intro her first :

nur izzati athirah binti ariffin . 
sixteen years old .
we meet at semenza school .
we have been friend for three years nine months and four day .

dis my gurl . no one can replace her as my BFF :D 

nur izzati athirah bt ariffin . dilahirkan pada 07 oktober 1995 (slalu ttukar bfday dy dgn erina)  . kan ? kita dh kwan dh lama kan ? one year dduk stu hostel , lpas tue dh xjmpa dh . asal eak ? tak rindu aq ka ? bila kita nk jmpa nie ? hari nie genap 16 tahun kan ? hepy burfDay yepp . sweet sixteeen . lau jmpa bru ad present tau :D may GOD bless you . jgn lupa aq yeppp .. our frendship is priceless , rites ? cym beby tie :-* :-* :-*

('',) ('',) ('',) ('',)
('',) ('',) ('',) ('',)
i maybe one of them in your
crowded life but 
goes away 
-------- ('',) -------
i'll still be there .
always by ur side friend :D 

kita tetap kawan even dh lama xbersua muka k ?? cym beby tie :D  lagu kt bwah nie tuk by :)

goodbye to you my trust the friend 
we've known each other since we were nine or ten
together we've climbed hills and trees
learned of love and ABC's
skinned our heart and skinned our knees 

goodbye my friend is hard to die 
when all the bird are singing in the sky
now that spring is in the air
pretty girls are everywhere
think of me and i'll be there ..

we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun
but the hill that we climbed were just season out of time ..

beby . xda present coz xjumpe . nie je yg bleh buat dri jauh .. sorie yepp xmenarik . tapi dari hati yang ikhlas tau :D

                                                                                                                     love ain , XOXO

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