I'll never get tired of trying :)

If I think that my relationship will always be as it was in the beginning , i'm wrong! People change , so it is normal that relationship change , too . Changes can be very good – or they can be bad, but it all depends on me and you . rites ? If you really love me , you will be interested in my thoughts and feelings . Nothing is possible without communication . If you want our relationship to change in a good way , you must learn how to communicate . hmmm . i really miss you in my life .

this is what i want !
If I want to keep you , I will have to fight the worst enemy – jealousy . If you feels free with me , our relationship will last. If you feels overwhelmed, you will start looking your way out . I not put you in a cage. Show that I trust you . This is the only way to have a healthy relationship . that is how I must treat our relationship – with trust.

this is our relation rites ?

Trust is the most beautiful feeling and it keeps me peaceful and happy. Without it , every relationship would look like a battle field . 
You can never know how long your relationship will last, but you can care for it and make it better every day . Every flower needs water regularly 

I can change my hairstyle, clothes, job or address. But if my mind remains unchanged, I will make no progress at all . i really miss you nick . ♥ you !

                                                                                                                                                         love ain ,XOXO

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