Kak Yong Sayang ♥

assalamualaikum ^^ hai ^^ hello ^^
lama nya nak boleh update blog nie .
entry kali nie special for you kak yong ♥ .

my lovely kak yong !
kak yong ! 
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to Tyah ,
happy birthday to you !

kak yong ! 
sweet eight teen sayang !
may Allah bless you !

kak yong ! 
life is boring when you are not around !
the only thing you could never have too many of .
thank you for being my friend . 
may all your birthday wishes come true !

kak yong ! 
friendship is not something that is written on paper , because paper can be torn . 
it is neither something that can be written on a rock , for even a rock can break . 
But it is written on the heart of a person and it stays there forever . 
birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way , my friend !

it has been said that real friends ,
are very hard to find . 
the ones that stay when times are tough .a real friend - the lasting kind . as I travel through this life , i know one thing is true . i will never find a better friend . than I have found in YOU !Happy Birthday to my lovely friend !

kak yong ! 
sorie deyh entry aku buat tak comel mana pun .
miss you so much !
love you kak yong ! hihihi
our friendship never end .

p/s :
♥ I probably don't tell you often enough, but I treasure our friendship :)
# by the way , sorie lewat buat entry untuk mg ! sayang mg !

                                                                                                               love ain,XOXO

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