dear future husband :*

assalamualaikum ^^ selamat petang .
petang nie aku nak berjiwang-jiwang kejap yea :)

copy paste from :)

Dear Future Husband ♥

I will cook . I will clean . I will shop . I will be the best wife ever , InsyaAllah .

I will dress up for you . I will maintain my appearance for you . I will make sure to be the best wife I can be , InsyaAllah . 
I will have children with you & I will raise them to be the best they can be . I will be the best mother , InsyaAllah .All this - as long as you promise me one thing .

Help me , accompany me in getting to Jannah ! ♥ 

can you my dear future husband ?

But to tell you the truth .
I miss the times that someone walks with me home .
I miss the times that i want to look good or trying to be better for someone .
I miss letting someone hold me when i'm just too weak to go on .
It's nice to be free but it's nicer being with someone who loves me .

hihi . sweet kan ? kan ?
hihihi >.< sweet kan picture kat atas nie ? ibuuuu ! adik nak kahwinn ! nak kahwin sangat-sangat dah nie . haha . 
You’re the only person who can make my heart beat like I have just been to a race !

p/s :
# baby , i can't talk to them the way that i talk to you :)
# in a relationship , jealousy is needed in the right amount . Not too much , and the lesser the better .

                                                                                                                 love ain,XOXO

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