one thing that never change .

assalamualaikum .
hari ni nak  story a little bout us .

sorry for everything that happen in our relationship but i swear that my feeling to you never change . i dont know how to say bout my feels for you but i try to show that i love you more than you know even i know i lost control myself . sorry for make you upset when stay with me . im so sorry but seriously i never cheated on you . trust me please . i know that i really really like make a conversation between others but my heart still with you . serious talk .

i never thought that i'll make you hurt =( seriously i won't make it but sometimes it comes without i notice about that . i really miss our conversation . i really miss when we spent time together . you know how much i feel bout you but you never want to trust me . i know that , thats why i try to focus on you but im just a human that never perfect . i really feel lost when you talk about that at the day but i'll try to accept all of your decision because i really love you .

i really really miss us . i never expect that i'll be lost you . the one thing that i know is "I will never ready, of saying goodbye." . being sad is tiring actually . i love you too much and everything seens so hard between us =(

p/s :
# i really really want to meet you and hug you . too much memories between us .
# i thought you care but me more than i feel =(
# seriously sometimes i feel that you love me more than you show me .

                                                                                                                  love ain,XOXO

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