assalamualaikum .
just take a few time nak update blog yang dah lama tak bergerak -__-

actually banyak benda nak story . -_-
banyak sangat sangat but blog ni bukan tempat yang sesuai nak story , i'm glad because i have them even we are far far away but we still being closed .
seriously i need a clone like them at here .

im still in dilemma for what i need to do , what i need to choose and what i need in my life . i dont know what will happen and what will go on . seriously i'm not like you . i can't be strong i cant be tough . because everytime i try to move on, you are there . and at the same time im falling in love with you more and more .

you are my life nick :(

its like a suck week for me . one by one problem come like a food -.- and it make my life more bitter this week . sometimes i want to say "problem please stay away from me because i really really hate you."
shit come and go like touch and go this week . how can you say something and than you said "it just a joke." what the hell? did you think only you have a feeling? and the others is a robot? did you think you can control the others? i don't understand what's going on now . but it's seem like you make me feel like "you're so annoying." i hope i can stay strong to go through with this all problem .

and lastly,
i hope i can be with you this weekend . seriously i really really want you in my arm now . ='/ seriously i want to be in your hug and your kiss ='/ please give me your time and make me feel yours . miss you KP ='/

p/s :
# im just a human .

                                                                                                               love ain,XOXO

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