the hplyrikz for US :)

assalamualaikum :)
hari ni tak nak cerita panjang lebar tinggi rendah .
cuma nak show some of hplyrikz about US and what we have go through in our relationship from 23december2009 until now . seriously im in love with you once again dear nick .

dear nick .
i've falling in love with you once again . and im really really mean it .
i want to be yours and i want to be the only princess that you can love . i wish that i would make you proud with me . thanks for everything that you've give and sorry for everything that i've done but seriously i really really meant it .

this picture so special <3

i wouldn't mine :* 

i'm in love and i miss to be with you :* bak kata mc'poh "LAIN ORE TGH BUNGO LONIE." haha .

p/s :
#please stay with me .
#i wouldn't mine to be yours every second and forever :*

                                                                                                              love ain,XOXO

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