that we call LOVE :*

assalamualaikum .
hai .
hello .
for a long time tak jenguk blog ni baru rasa nak update blog sekali lagi after the last one about you . and sekali lagi its about you .

sorry for confusing about my entry . semua nya bercampur aduk . actually this blog i make for someone that i love > siput sedut < but it seems like its become more worse when trouble come between us and this blog become the place that i make the thing more worst . sorry for hurting you while reading my blog . i will change it .

now i'm trying to be your only one and only you . i know you want me give up but seriously i can't give up on you because for me you're my life . not only someone special but you're my best friend, my siblings and my enemy . i love you for a thousand years and i love you for a thousand more :* thanks for everything you have done and thanks for still care about me .

nick :*

thanks for you attention for me . im really really love it . :* sorry for make you hurt and make you feel worst . sorry for my bad . ='( but deep in my heart there's no one can replace you . trust me . im trying to make it better even it can't . i know that .

                                                                                                           love ain,XOXO

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